01 Jun 2014

Izquierdo Pérez H,Alonso Perez JL,Gil Martinez A,La Touche R,Lerma-Lara S,Commeaux Gonzalez N,Arribas Perez H,Bishop MD,Fernández-Carnero J. Is one better than another?: A randomized clinical trial of manual therapy for patients with chronic neck pain. Man Ther. 2014 Jun; 19 (3):215-21.

Man Ther
  • Izquierdo Pérez H
  • Alonso Perez JL
  • Gil Martinez A
  • La Touche R
  • Lerma-Lara S
  • Commeaux Gonzalez N
  • Arribas Perez H
  • Bishop MD
  • Fernández-Carnero J
19 (3):215-21


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